The “secret” to living your life the fullest

A few years ago, I came across the “secret”.

While I don’t exactly recall when or how I got familiar with it, curiosity led me to wanting to learn more about it. But how do I do it in the first place? That I have no clues at hand.

I wasn’t even aware that I’ve been able to practice it myself thereafter. I almost forgot about this theory. However, it was when things took place according to my plans that made me recognize the role it has played in helping me thrive. By then, I started to realize how it affected my life and even my perspective of the future. It may sound simple yet there can be a great struggle in understanding its unadorned simplicity. Sometimes, the naive-st things are the most complicated to apprehend and the hardest to explain.

Humans can be powerful. That was my understanding of the secret’s concept.

Depending on what we focus on, attaining whatever we want in life can rely on our ideas, beliefs, thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, perspective and mindset, among others. You can be whatever you aspire for and do anything that needs to be accomplished. You can conjure your thoughts into reality and conjure your willingness to succeed in the actual achievement of your objectives. You can be just that someone to somebody who actually lives by the principle that whatever you dream for is not impossible because life gives us countless opportunities to get this feat.

What the universe says: The Law of Attraction

One of the 12 Laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. While it’s more remarkable than the others, they are all interconnected with everything else and one law must not be treated as less important than the other. But what is the meaning behind this renowned law? How is it connected with the secret?

The Law of Attraction provides that our feelings and emotions produce life energies and it further attracts the same energies.

Positive energies attract only positive energies while negative energies attract only negative energies.

To simply put it, we ultimately attract whatever we think or feel towards something. With the secret, a person must be affirmative in nature to truly embrace the widespread potentials of achieving whatever the mind thinks about. Start attracting positive energies and practice not entertaining any of the negative ones.

Say, you want to visit your dream travel destination. How do you attract those positive energies? Consider the following:
  1. Print pictures then hang them on your office cubicle or make it your lock screen;
  2. Cause yourself to look for possible tours by travel agencies;
  3. Should you want to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), try making your own itinerary; or
  4. Research travel tips to aid you in financial planning.

In these ways, you’re not only motivating yourself but in fact planning ahead of the possibility that it will happen. You tend to save for money and cut the irrelevant expenses afterward. Doing the small and simple steps brings you closer to your goal. Attract the positive vibes as you materialize your plans. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

The Karma principle became a product of this Law. When we turn our feelings and emotions into actions against other persons, they eventually attract either good or bad vibes, depending on the actions we have undertaken on them. The vital of this principle is enticing only positive vibes. We pay forward good deeds with no expectations of anything in return because “what goes around comes around.”

What God says: faith and perfect timing

When the belief we depend on to something is attributable with our trust that the divine providence will let it take place, the reliance turns into faith. It somewhat shares with and revolves around the principles of the secret.

Mark 11:24 says,

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

When we pray, we connect with whoever-our-god-is through our minds and hearts. And when we do, we concentrate and think about the blessings and pray for strength to overcome any difficulties in life. Sometimes, we specifically ask for personal intensions: it may be a something, a someone, or any other thing of importance. The key here is not merely praying and asking for blessings. We must be firm in believing that we will receive whatever we are asking for. We must claim that we will become someone we want; we will get that something because there’s this belief we are holding onto the promises of God. 

We should set our minds with the perception that His plans are better than our plans. We may not be able to succeed for the time being but always be reminded that everything is under His control and things will get better in due time. God grants whatever we ask for… in His perfect timing. He answers us with either a “yes” or a “not now”.

Have the positive mindset. You will get that professional license and certifications. You will have that promotion. You will marry soon when God thinks you are ready. You will start your own family when the time is right. So if you think you’re being left behind because you’re slow on your developments, scrap the negativity because people have different time zones. Do not rush because it can destroy the timing. While no one really knows when these things are going to happen, we must remain holding on to the promises. Just continue believing and it will transpire. It will be yours!

What great men says: self-confidence, talent and opportunities

A man must make use of opportunities to achieve his goals. When he wants something-  title, fame, wealth, reputation- then, he must work for it. It’s through these things that make him grasp happiness and contentment.

Opportunities can be found anywhere around us. It’s only a matter of discovering them as we experiment on things and gain experiences, be it relevant or not. They will, in turn, blossom into life lessons. It is up to us how to utilize the tools that are either earned or customary to us. Whatever we aspire for should be achieved through mixed perseverance, hard work and proper mindset. It is where the context of the secret comes in.

Napoleon Hill, a great philosopher, said that

Whatever the mind of men can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Life is consistent in giving chances to mankind, thus, we simply don’t have reasons to give up on what we aspire for. We have chances to prove that we are just a step away from them. We are capable because of the prominence of our wisdom and talent we possess.

Set your goals. Start making your own bucket list and thick each of them as you unlock a certain objective. Do not be afraid of the unknown and believe with your ability to overcome every obstacle you may encounter. It’s all in the mind! Make it happen because as long as you believe in yourself, you can do everything. After all, the process begins with an initiative to start. Your willingness to persevere will give the fuel to keep you running. Start crafting those ideas.

The centuries-old secret

By this time, I’m going to tell you that the secret refers to a famous quote by Buddha which says:

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Maybe you’ve been subconsciously practicing it since then, suggesting that this secret need not be really called as such. We may be unaware but the concept exists in our minds.

Maybe it’s not something as mysterious as it purports to be. It’s meant to be shared to make others aware that we, the people, are innately powerful. It is a gift to men; and everyone should consider that we are responsible and accountable for every idea and action we make. Nonetheless, the secret shouldn’t be used as an excuse to be confident as such that we would no longer persevere in achieving our ambitions. We should refrain from being lax. We should not depend on it and there should be no absolute reliance on it because only then things will work when we act upon them. Things do not happen just by themselves.

The quote is not just another set of words to ponder. How ironic that its sheer simplicity isn’t as simple as knowing that “you will become what you think”. It involves further appreciation, realization and actual practice of different sets of ideologies and philosophies. The secret has been existing since then and many people are aware of what it can bring to someone. From science to religion, there are various beliefs of the power of men to achieve anything the mind conceives.

As long as we trust those energies;
as long as we continue having faith in God; and
as long as we believe in our capacity to achieve,
you can be whatever you want, you can do whatever you want.

It rests on you, now. How are you going to use the secret?