She explored his body

She explored his body like a traveler lusting for an adventure. The sensation of her kisses was warm but chilling, gentle yet betraying. She left some marks of rebellion like she owned every territory of him. The wee hours yielded a dark and silent moment for their curious, young hearts. Then he looked at her, at close range, while she playfully grinned. Her lips made him get lost on his own reality. Her teeth were gritting as if she was teasing. Suddenly, she kissed him on his left cheek, then whispered and professed her admiration towards him.

Relentlessly, he grabbed her wrists then down to her waist, until they were both under a mere sheet of thin white linen. He hugged her tight like he’s going to lose her the following day.

Darkness filled her room. The ecstatic feeling made them regret nothing. It was as if they’ve been bounded by the laws of love—like it was some real kind of it.

He was happier than ever...
...until the day she left without any notice.

Nobody knew the reason behind her decision to stay away but one thing is for sure-- he felt broken. Maybe he wasn’t enough. Maybe she doesn’t deserve his kindness. He wanted to know a justifiable rationale despite his thousand perhapses.

It was too good to be true. It was only just a night, silent and honest, but it was everything, at least for him.

It was the kind of truth that’s real just for sometime; before somebody else; before something fucked up.

And they wondered what had happened
or what might have happened shouldn’t they bid an earnest adieu.


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