We were thrilled and amazed by the true wonders brought by “The Hundred Islands” in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The sun was up and the waters were inviting. Boats were everywhere and everyone was enjoying.

Then suddenly, it started to rain. It was only three and a half hours after we began the tour pending the visit to the last island included in our half-day itinerary- the Pilgrimage Island. The last thing I knew, a number of boats were settling to the nearest islands the soonest time possible. Our boatmen decided to follow while we wait for the strong winds to halt.

It was noticeable when the waves started to behave sturdier. The lightning began to show its terrifying grandeur; then thunders started to rumble. Everyone remained silent but we couldn’t be calm. I knew everyone was as scared as me or even much more.

Half an hour has passed and the rain didn’t stop, not even the lightning or the thunder. Rainwater slowly started filling our boat but the younger of the boatmen was too quick to remove them off.

I’ve seen rescue boats and rescued tourists from a boat with dilapidated roof. I’ve seen more tourists with frightened faces. I’ve seen how the others got flustered while we were kilometers away from the kick-off point.

It’s very cold.

Past five o’clock in the afternoon and boats started to sail. And so did ours.

Tens of boats were struggling to safely land the tourists alongshore. The lightning was scary as shit while we are in the middle of the sea. The kid in front of me started crying. I couldn’t blame him because everyone seemed panicking in terror. Will we land safely? Will we be complete? How are the others? I couldn’t imagine anything.

I bowed my head down and started praying again. I lost count on how many times I prayed ‘Our Father’ and “Holy Mary’ to ask for safety and protection.

Thirty to forty minutes further and we’ve reached the land.

The experience was unforgettable but thank you Lord we survived!