Cath Merygail*

Life has always been slapping her couple of mistakes but she's just stronger than ever. Her past does not define her nor does it matter for someone who wholly accepts what she was, who she is, and who she chooses to be. She has been to different struggles yet she keeps on trying to overcome them as she encounters them anew.

Cath Merygail may be childish... but she can be more independent than the strongest women I know. However that night- I felt Cath Merygail at her lowest and fragile state. She was so weak it seemed like she has declared herself the loser in her own fight. She was falling into pieces and I don't even know how to bring her back to her form for I know there's only this someone who can do so.

You have a strong will to carry on, Cath Merygail.

And just like her, anyone of us can feel the negativities and frustrations. Regardless of them, be strong. 

Always remind yourself you are LOVED.

*For someone very dear to me