Not my usual 14th of February

It's enchanting to actually celebrate with nothing but music, food, laughter and random blahs under the starless sky.

Thanks to Hennah whom I celebrated the Valentine's Day with. No bouquet of flowers or candle-lit dinner, just UP Fair Flames 2018. It's a sort of not-so-convincing excuse but it really did the work for me. Haha!

Not that we don't have a choice but we stayed a hundred meters away from the activity ground to at least have some privacy without compromising the opportunity to listen to my favorite bands at close for free. Thousands were in attendance on the second day of the annual week-long event so staying away from the huge crowd is a necessity.

I hope her night with me was fine because it's not something other guys would do especially on the 14th of February.

My backpack was filled with some cans of beer, soda, chocolates and a bag of chips I bought from the convenience store. We casually sat on the ground and talked about anything- politics, travel, my work, her school, etc.- just anything. Also, we ate balut!

We wrapped up the night, exactly minutes before the 14th ends, by taking pictures of us together. How can I forget about this one when she said: "'Yung tiyan mo, ang laki."