Eight things I did for my sister’s wedding (plus problems, solutions)

Who wouldn’t want a perfect wedding? Not the bride. Not even her brother.

Here are eight things I did to become the best man at my sister’s wedding!

  • Full coordination with the Photographer.
Photography and videography are two of the most expensive things to consider in a wedding. Ranging from a whopping 75,000 to 200,000 pesos, in the provinces at least, it is expected that the output should be outstandingly great and incomparable. It should not only fit the taste but the personality of the clients. Thus, I focused on coordinating with the photographer who leads a team of eight to ten.

The photographer we entered contract with is one of the two renowned professional photographers in Ilocos Sur. Before the wedding, I had the chance to meet the team twice.

Dilemma: When the “Save the Date” video was released by the videographer, we noted some observations. Honestly, we didn’t like much the output- they’ve used orange toning when we’ve expected them to stick with natural colors; likewise, the background music was tragic, at least for me. Keeping in mind that the photographer will take our observations professionally, I relayed our “simple” observations to him. However, he didn’t take it lightly in reality.

Problem solved: I thought my approach wasn’t as good as it should be to make him consider my side. So with utmost respect and humility, I explained to the photographer our point. We did compromise in the end and things got a little awkward but on the day of the wedding, everybody cooperated well. Our expectations were exceeded by them when we saw the “Same Day Edit”, we really made the right choice choosing them.

  • Planning and monitoring the preparations for the wedding.
One small detail that is forgotten may not only cause big troubles but may also spoil the event at worst. 

Dilemma: The role of the coordinator is vital from the planning stage up to the big day. However, she should have been more organized and prepared. Also, her team members were not well informed of their duties and responsibilities especially on the day of their coordination.

Problem solved: Good thing I’ve helped my sister since day 1 by monitoring all the details of her wedding. The coordinator, as well as the other suppliers, were witnesses on how specific I am to the details, especially the small ones.

To help the coordination team, I made a list of important things to remember and it was accustomed to monitor the things needed per accountable supplier and to set the timeline of events. I’ve also included specific instructions for the coordinator’s reference.

  • Partial coordination with the other suppliers.
Event styling. Catering. Acoustics. Hosting. Lights and sounds. Gowns and suits.

Dilemma: Since I was staying in Quezon City, there was a difficulty in monitoring and planning the wedding. Two weeks prior to the big day, I’ve noticed that important things have yet to be settled with some of the suppliers. This includes, but not limited to, planning the program, repertoire, floor plan and table assignments, games and prizes, etc.

Problem solved: As a response, I spearheaded a meeting with the suppliers. I’ve been keeping in touch with them via social media and I’ve been always thankful for their cooperation and patience to meet every demand I’ve told them.

  • Choosing the location of the out-of-country pre-nuptial shoot.
The couple’s first international travel together is not really intended for the prenup shoot. It’s just another getaway. However, we’ve taken advantage of the availability of the photographer upon his confirmation.

Dilemma: But where should we go?  The choices then were Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia.

Problem solved: Right on the spot- the moment I was booking in a local travel and tour agency- I’ve chosen the City of Smile, Thailand. I’ve imagined the gigantic temples and old buildings as their location.

  • Designed the souvenirs and invitation.
A wedding invitation sets an expectation of what the guests and sponsors should anticipate in the wedding. It provides the most important details- what, where, when, who, how.

Dilemma: I’ve felt no impact upon seeing samples of wedding invitations in the province. Plain, simple and dull. Not to mention how they price the same, it’s not just worth it.

Problem solved: Did I mention I do layout and design in Photoshop? Upon planning, we wanted to maximize the details. So we end up going for a complete set of four pages. Unlike the common practice of having two sets of invitation, we’ve distributed those complete set not only to the sponsors and VIPs but also to the guests.

Extra: The design of the photobooth’s backdrop was also made by me.

  • Facilitated the buying of their exchange gifts.
After all, I am the best man. I had to run from one store to another to look for their exchange gifts.

 Dilemma: They never knew that I was assigned by their other half to buy them gifts. Not that it’s hard to keep the secret but what makes it a harder task to do is to look for the best gift basing on their instructions and generic descriptions. Gah- “look for this kind or that kind” and “you can do it, you know it best.”

Problem solved: After few researches and interviews, I bought a Daniel Wellington watch for the groom and the latest instax camera for the bride.

They sure like it afterward.

  • Prepared a masterplan of the table assignment of the guests.
Invited guests, including the VIPs and family members, totaled to around 450. There was an RSVP so the attending guests have confirmed their attendance. We wanted an organized table assignment to facilitate the orderliness of the reception.

Dilemma: Just a few more days before the wedding and we overlooked planning for the table arrangement. I was very anxious then- all the preparations we’ve gone through might go to nothing if the reception turns disastrous.

Problem solved: My sister has provided all the names of the confirmed guests. I coordinated with the event stylist and the caterer to provide me the master plan for the reception. With the help of my sister and her fiancé, we started grouping the guests and prepared the masterplan of the table assignment.

I AM VERY SPECIFIC TO DETAILS. As usual, all sponsors and guests were FULLY ACCOUNTED for. I’ve instructed the coordinators to give a guest’s table number upon arrival and registration to the reception. More organized, isn’t it?

  • Initiated the wedding toast for the couple.
It was hard proving myself to be the best man, after all. But the reward was fulfilling.

In wedding traditions, the best man is assigned to lead the wine toast for a newlywed couple.

And I did, after giving my message (A toast for the Kong couple) to them.

Everything I did was for my sister and her happiness. She wanted a perfect wedding day- I helped her feel she was perfect, they were perfect, their wedding was perfect- and I am very positive everybody will remember the perfection.