A toast for the Kong Couple

Transcript of the message before the wedding toast of Mr. & Mrs. Rey Michael Kong.
By Charlos Janssen Cachola, the couple's bestman
January 20, 2018

Maybe many of you are wondering why I was tapped by this lovely couple to be their Best Man. Bakit nga ba? For the information of everyone, ako lang naman po 'yung ultimate third wheel nila. Sa first out-of-town travel nila papuntang El Nido. Check! Sa first international travel nila sa Thailand, nanduon din po ako. Sa travel nila sa Boracay kung saan nagpropose si Micky? Check pa rin yan! Kaya ako na po 'yung unang magtatampo kapag hindi pa nila ko ginawang best man. 
I am no connoisseur of romantic affinity, whatsoever. But one thing I've been always sure about love is being with God. Love will never fail if you put God at the center of your relationship. As you become one, still, be with him, everytime, everywhere, whatever the circumstance may be.
Manang ko Lj, you may have officialy become Micky's queen, but for us, you'll always be our one and only princess. So Micky, better take care of our princess or else... 
Everyone, let's have a toast to the newly wed! To love, laughter and happily ever after! Cheers to Mr. Rey Michael Tan Kong and Mrs. Ludette Justine Ayson Cachola!