Year in review: My Top 10 adventures in 2017

2017 was a very memorable year. It has taken me to beautiful places. It was a year of firsts and a year full of extraordinary experiences.

In 2017, I’ve been to 15 provinces of the Philippines. I’ve traveled to a foreign country, visited museums and various local attractions. I’ve ran for at least 150 kilometers and hiked to the top a mountain.

 This blog entry highlights my top 10 adventures for 2017:  

10. Hidden Valley Springs | Alaminos, Laguna

There’s definitely more about the beauty of Laguna! I didn't feel any excitement upon learning that we'll spend our team building here. But overall, it has exceeded my expectations especially on the falls and their natural springs!

9. Hidden Paradise | Badoc, Ilocos Norte

I’ve first seen this beach in a viral Facebook post. Rare is the case of travel posts being viral on social media so my family gave it a shot. The virgin beach didn’t fail to amaze us. From the drop-off point, you need to ride a small pump boat for 10-15 minutes. The waves were strong but it definitely added thrills to the whole adventure!  

8. Color Manila Run Series | CM Challenge Run BGC. CM Gliter Run. CM Challenge Run Ilocos.

I didn’t expect running in these three CM events with my bud. It’s costly but it’s definitely worth it the moment you cross the finish line! My personal favorite is the Glitter Run- the bubbles at the end brought back the kids in our hearts. Running has never been this colorful.

7. Mt. Talamitam | Nasugbu, Batangas

What made this adventure unforgettable is that it’s actually my first hike outside Ilocos! I’ve tried hiking to local mountains such as Mt. Araniw and NOAH (both located in Narvacan) but I’ve never experienced a legit mountain hike like the one in Talamitam. Hoping for more hikes this 2018!

6. Baguio City | Benguet

The magic of the City of Pines just never fades. In 2017 alone, I’ve been to Baguio for four times to chill and experience its coldness. That’s actually once every three months! Never should I forget my experiences in BenCab Museum, Le Monet Hotel, Café by the Ruins, Camp John Hay, and other tourist spots we’ve been to!

5. Puerto Galera | Oriental Mindoro

There’s something in this place that makes me want to come back. I was with my former officemates then and our 3D2N experience was crazy! The second night was full of partying! We weren’t that drunk but everybody was just having fun, dancing and singing (or shouting?), to the extent that a local barangay police officer came to give us a warning.

4. National Geographic Run

This event has yielded me my first half-marathon finisher’s medal. The 21-kilometer track was exhausting, both physically and mentally. With proper training, focus, determination and will-power, I’ve finished the run for a personal record high of 2 hours, 48 minutes and 29 seconds.

3. Ilo-ilo/ Guimaras

I literally fell in love with this two provinces of Visayas. Our stay was short for us to visit nearby places such as Bacolod, Capiz and Antique, so I will definitely come back soon!

The most memorable experience I had was cliff diving in one of the islands of “Isla de Gigantes”. The islands were very beautiful I consider it my Top 2 destination of all time, after El Nido, Palawan.
2. Boracay | Aklan

Our Boracay adventure is the first via-plane-adventure of my family. I’ve waited for so long to treat them a deserving vacation. Our stay at La Carmela de Boracay was amazing! The tans were all worth it after experiencing some of Boracay’s activities such as helmet diving, parasailing and island hopping.

We’ll never forget Boracay- it is Mom’s first time flying and my Dad got afraid of doing the helmet dive. My soon-to-be brother-in-law proposed to my sister. Well, as for me, I’ve got my first tattoo! Lifetime evidence indeed!

1. Thailand | Bangkok City and Ayutthaya

My first international destination! My sister and her fiancé tagged me with them in their prenup travel. Check out my travel blog here!